Essentially. In this first of a presumably three part series, I will be kindly elucidating the activities which somehow take up all of my every waking moments.

Most recently, I’ve been injured. This may sound like a circumstance which would leave me with lots of time to ponder the nature of the universe, build suspension bridges, and become the next Iron Chef America. As it turns out, I’ve had to put my engineering efforts on hold as training and rehab generally take up more time than usual, in order to reap a smaller reward than usual.

Part of what takes up additional time is this piece of awesome machinery:


This piece of equipment supports a certain percentage of my body weight as I return to real running after a femoral stress reaction. It also makes my legs disappear.

So, for the past 6-7 weeks, I’ve been running twice a day, 5 days per week on this thing. Which has been awesome. How often can you do 30 minute runs at a 14% grade at around 5 minute miles?

I also get plenty of time to bond with this gorgeous inflatable treadmill – cleaning, calibrating, stuffing myself into this thing every time I use it turns even 20 or 30 minute runs into hour long adventures with lysol and zippers.

I get to start running again this week – I will now see how effectively I was able to destroy myself on that tready and if I’m still in even remotely passable shape.

During this time off, I’ve also spent a lot of time getting affectionate with my bicycle. Just like any long term relationship, there are up, downs, heart break, and (occasionally) terribly painful sores. Lubrication is necessary.


I am going to be so aero later this summer.
That’s Rakita fixing some brake issues on a beautiful bike I happen to own.

Among other things, there is also time for arts and crafts. I created an awesomely inspirational collage.


I collage of inspirational things. I purposely made it fuzzy so you’ll never be as inspired as I am. #TerribleCamera

Occasionally, when I get pissed that I can’t race, I remember that Colorado is great. And I repeat my mantra – “Triathlon is the greatest sport in the world, and I’m luck to be part of it.”


An average sunrise.