Sunday Blog! This update has been a long time coming. I believe that I should make updates a Sunday event, in such a way as to maintain the viewership of whatever readers’ interests are piqued by my athletically, or otherwisedly, related endeavors.

In the past 6 months, I had a very productive base season, followed by a persistent Achilles injury, which ended directly after my race in Roatan, Honduras (I finished 3rd powered by lots of enthusiasm, but little running and a flat with about 7k left of the bike). The race deserves a blog in itself, which will assuredly come later.

Apparently I missed something concerning

Apparently I missed something concerning

Immediately upon my return to Colorado Springs after the race I developed ‘thigh splints’. This is essentially a femoral stress reaction. Little is known about how it begins, but I have theories. Maybe I just raced too hard. Maybe my back was out of line and I ran lopsided. Maybe I just have exorbitantly powerful quads. Or maybe someone snuck into my room in the middle of the night and bashed my leg with a hammer.

Regardless of the hammer bashing, as soon as I can run normally again, I’ll be having a thorough mechanical and run form evaluation to see if I can pinpoint a functional deficiency. That will also give me another chance to stare at myself while I run, an activity I never cease to enjoy.

As of now, I can still swim and ride and run on the alter-g. There will soon be a picture of me running on the alter g. Although the novelty of running in a bubble wears off about as quickly as finding out that there are treadmills for bikes, it’s a fun opportunity to do runs which would be physically impossible at 100% body weight. Since my run speed is under precautionary limits, my particular favorite is running 5:00 miles at a 14% grade. If I can just keep this up as I return to normal body weight, I’ll be unstoppable.

In other news, I’m doing exciting things outside of athletics now that my training regimen isn’t quite so time consuming. I cut the ribbon at the re-opening ceremony for the newly legalized incline. I’m also interning at a senator’s office in the area – I make powerpoints, so that’s a pretty good deal. A little while ago I read about some bats in a library for a class of 3rd graders at a local elementary school. Apparently, bats frequent libraries whenever the possible in order to read about King Arthur. Incredible. Fortunately, despite the precipitous decline of my intellect since graduating from Wake Forest, I was still able to read without stuttering. Whew!

And I have fish!

I also caught a glimpse of what my first job interview after years of professional triathlon will look like:

Retired Athlete Job Interview

Things aren’t ideal, but I’m going to have a full season. I’ll start in Huatulco and then continue racing through November. My swimming is better than ever and I’m putting in extra time on the bike, but I’m really looking forward to coming back with a concrete plan of how to stay healthy.