A blog two months late isn’t too bad, right?

Stretch and Yawn

My first professional victory! Something in San Diego loves me. I had a great race here at the Olympic Trials back in May and had a blast at the F1 triathlon in September. It felt weird to cross the line first. The race had felt as tough as any other and I hadn’t felt any better, but at the end I wasn’t having to destroy myself while watching some guys’ ass break the tape.This oddly different sensation did not quell the guttural shout erupting out of me as I threw the finish line on the ground. I was pretty stoked.


Demonstration of my lifting form

This race had an exciting format. It was 2 mini triathlons back to back and the entire race lasted less than 45 minutes. The cycling was crazy. I’ve been working on my handling this year and it’s improved, but that’s a very relative improvement. Like saying my cooking skills improved because I can now make oatmeal. The bike course was 10 square laps of 640 meters that went through an underpass twice each time around. With the pavement strip wide enough to fit maybe two or three cyclists, I was predicting carnage. That fortunately failed to materialize because genrally when there’s carnage, I am involved in some way or another. Not this time!

I went into this race to prepare for Under 23 Worlds, which was awesome because I had Eric Lagerstrom there to help me out on the bike. After the first swim we were pretty close to the leaders and and we gradually worked together on our way up to the front group. During the second bike we started taking the corners a bit quicker because Eric is a beast at bike handling. I ended up in the deep sand on the side of road coming of a corner trying to keep up, but managed to stay upright and we caught the leaders of Ben Kanute and Clark Ellice soon after. Shaken, but not stirred, I came into T2 super excited for the last mile and a half. I made a quick surge into the lead, and then monitored my 10 second gap for the rest of the run. Thrills but fortunately no spills.

Lars Finanger put on an awesome race and it was great to be a part of it.

We had an awesome homestay. Jon Jefferson (JJ) and Marilou Dolley took care of Eric and me for the few days that we were down there. They have an apiary in their backyard, which was conveniently right where I was sleeping. It was the perfect¬†temperature¬†so the outside bed was awesome, but I was a little creeped out having hives of bees about 5 feet away from my bed. They were caring for an elderly gentleman, Ray, who regaled us with some stories of his past. The impressive part of the stay, however, was when he looked at Eric and Me and said ‘I had a dream last night, and I foretell that both of you are going to perform very well tomorrow. You will win.’ Lo and Behold, we both podiumed. I need to do more races in San Diego and see this Ray fellow.

Mike Doane was awesome in getting me ready for that race while maintaining a great build-up for U23 Worlds. I was able to do an awesome race, earn a little dough, and get sand all up under my suit. That surfy swim made for a scratchy run.

Afterwards, I got on the front page of slowtwitch for getting the ‘w’. It still makes my day. If things aren’t ideal, I just look at the picture of me winning this race, and I say – ‘boo yah. Things aren’t so bad.’

This course is an out and back? I think I need a map