Aggressive Calm: The Pugnacious Patience of Pre-Season

Pre-season is an interminable purée of training fatigue, a fugue of sameness and difficulty that is only comprehensible when examined as a whole. No one workout is overwhelmingly tiring, the challenge lies in maintaining the patience required to build the indefatigable foundation on which the rest of the season will stand. As my base training [...]

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Ask Grillington Off-Season Training

Off-Season Training The big triathlons essentially shut down from November till March or April, but preparation certainly never ceases. In order to race well, these are the months where triathletes develop the strength to sustain a long season of hard, fast racing. But how is that accomplished? While there may be a wide variety of [...]

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News Articles

Here are the news highlights from my 2015 season:  

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Ask Grillington – Season Analysis

One of the most important ways to improve in triathlon is to build off the successes and failures of each season's races. It's key to take a look back and analyze what could have been done better and what should be left unchanged. Sometimes simple tweaks can make a huge difference These are the main ways I [...]

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Taper Week

With many of you putting the final touches on preparations for a great race in Kona, I thought I'd share the top 6 ways I approach the final week of training before a major race. Mental Prep The most important mental change I've made recently is to never concern myself with how I "feel" the week [...]

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Ask Grillington – Fast Run Preparation

Hard runs are my favorite workouts. Track, tempo, hills, 400s, whatever. I like to run fast. But in order to run fast, I need to feel loose and strong. Flexibly powerful. Flaccidly forceful. Maybe not that last one, but the following is a basic breakdown of how I prepare for fast running that feels good [...]

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Training for the Rio Trials Event

Starting a bit before the Huatulco WC, I began a specific Rio training block. While swimming and running are always important, this block's focus was riding. The Rio course is notoriously difficult: it's hot, hilly, and the best triathletes in the world would all be converging to earn an Olympic berth. The riding was volume [...]

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Consistency Part 两 (Liang) Chengdu WC/Cheng-doing it

Consistency Part 两 (Liang) Chengdu WC or Cheng-doing it After training in Stellenbosch, South Africa for another week, it was time for 2 days of travel to China for the Chengdu World Cup. With potentially contaminated meat, an omnipresent risk for food sickness, and quite chaotic traffic, this was set to be a couple weeks confined to [...]

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Mooloolaba WC – 11th; New Plymouth WC – 6th

The season begins! My racing started in sunny Maroochydore Beach with the Mooloolaba World Cup. I'm on a 3 week/3 race trip in Oceania with 2 super fast sprints followed by Auckland WTS, probably the hardest course on the ITU circuit. I flew into this block of races after having the best off-season of my [...]

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Almost a year is spent obsessively exercising, calorically counting, and actively recovering, but what does a professional athlete do with those few glorious weeks of off-season? Travel? Go home? Build backyard suspension bridges? The options, while seemingly diverse, are deceptively limited. The precise date to end a season is difficult to predict, the amount of [...]

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Worldly Racing

It’s been a couple months since my last update. Long enough for me to learn a few things (outer-space smells of raspberries – the ozone layer? geraniums); to grow a little bit (actually, still 5’9”…on a good day); experience new things (Like riding this bike, which is pretty sweet, dude); See new places (Stockholm, Sweden [...]

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Spirited St Louis – Victorious

Chexmix, Jerky, Jock Jams 1000, gas stations, road side attractions; who doesn't get thrilled thinking about road tripping across the US? The prospect certainly thrilled me! A broken radio, Kansas flatlands, and the thought of a race the upcoming day couldn't diminish my expectations for the high octane drive from Colorado Springs to St Louis, [...]

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Awesome Things at the OTC

When I'm not training, generally I'm lying around in an exhausted, semi-conscious state, waiting for the precious few moments when I have useful brain function. It is during those instants that I try to perform such mentally demanding tasks as - reserve plane flights, plan races, read marginally edifying books, or speak. It took much [...]

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Congressional Action! – The Incline

Though many have noted that the last Congress passed the fewest number of new laws since the 1940s, it did pass the indispensable legislation which made the Manitou Incline open for legal hiking. Surrounded by people intimately involved in the process of legalization, I was very lucky to be present at the ribbon cutting ceremony. [...]

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I am Alive!

Sunday Blog! This update has been a long time coming. I believe that I should make updates a Sunday event, in such a way as to maintain the viewership of whatever readers’ interests are piqued by my athletically, or otherwisedly, related endeavors. In the past 6 months, I had a very productive base season, followed [...]

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Under 23 Worlds

U23's is over for me with an 8th place finish. I didn't swim what I should have and I came out of the water about 45 seconds down. While I executed the bike and run exactly as planned and left everything out on the course, I missed the opportunity I had been training for all [...]

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F1 Grand Prix – Champion!

A blog two months late isn't too bad, right? Stretch and Yawn My first professional victory! Something in San Diego loves me. I had a great race here at the Olympic Trials back in May and had a blast at the F1 triathlon in September. It felt weird to cross the line first. [...]

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World Cup Debut Review + Guatape

I debuted on the World Cup scene this year and was humbled. Tongyeong WC decided to become rather pugnacious and my ego didn't really put up much of a fight. Some dignity decided to get involved, but it came out with a couple shiners and peed a little bit of blood. I think the best [...]

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Edward Cast-Hands

April 27th, 2011 - a day that will live in personal infamy. I was given the opportunity to experience human flight, without silly conveniences such as wings, a parachute, or a soft place to land. After an unfortunate encounter with a motorized vehicle I was flung headfirst through the air. Midway through my lesson in [...]

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This blog will chronicle the runs, rides, swims, ups, downs, middles, and uncatergorized events of my existence as a professional triathlete. Timely updates and insightful anecdotes that will riddle this blog will convey that triathlon isn’t about the fame, the money, the exotic lifestyle, or the desire to be pushed to one’s limit, thereby glimpsing [...]

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