Consistency Part 参 – Yokohama WTS or Yoko-hammering It

Consistency Part 参 (San) Yokohama WTS or Yoko-hammering It Japan was the final leg of this journey, as I flew into Tokyo for the Yokohama World Triathlon Series race. After less than ideal WTS results in Auckland and Cape Town, I was gunning for something at least consistent with my World Cup racing. Since the training in Yokohama [...]

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Consistency Part Een – Cape Town WTS

Consistency is key. Just ask Joe Maloy. Coach's Oats? Delicious. Coach's Oats plus greek yogurt? Off the chain! (Kind of chewy, yet with a very even, smoothly tantalizing mouth feel and just enough texture to really masticate. It is certainly of unshackled consistency.) But like in your breakfast cereal, the right consistency can also make [...]

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Olympic Trials – Heartbreak and Breakthrough

It is the tragedy of professional athletics that often our best performances are crushing disappointments. While I finished as the 3rd US athlete and recorded a 15th place finish at one of the most competitive triathlons in the world, I missed out on qualifying for the Olympics by a mere 19 seconds in a 2hr [...]

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Ilheus Continental Cup – 3rd

Elation, implications, drama, heroism, explosions (small), tenacity, foolhardiness, lucidity, flaccidity (not so much, on second thought), turbulence, and so many more adjectives involved in the 2012 Ilheus Continental Cup! The following report is based on a true story. All actions, hyperbolic or otherwise, represent a hypothetical situation which could possibly explain my oddly slow bike [...]

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Buffalo Continental Cup/US Nationals

Where's the turn buoy?! First, I'll focus on the positives: U23 National Champ! 4th place in US Nationals! 3rd race in a row staying upright on the bike! I did have a great start in the swim, which is a very positive change. I was in a good position pretty much the entire time I [...]

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Beijing Elite U23 Worlds – 4th

In the immortal words of Paulo Sousa, "fourth place sucks." I remember in the middle of July while I was still in casts I told Matt Chrabot that "if I get 6th or 7th at U23 Worlds like Seymour and Huerta did in '06, I'm going to be ecstatic." I suppose it's impressive how quickly [...]

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Kelowna Continental Cup – 3rd!

First continental cup podium! After a 4.5 month cast enforced hiatus, it felt great to finally be on my way to a race. The nerves didn't really hit until the bike course preview when I looked around and thought 'I want to beat all of these people, but they look so fast!' Coach Sousa's last [...]

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