Born in Spokane, WA, Greg was raised to about 5’9″ in Six Mile Bottom, England (near to, but farther than four miles from, Two Mile Bottom, England). He lived here:

He did not live here

While his dad taught at RAF Lakenheath, he ate Marmite and scones for about 15 years.

Greg’s first sport was swimming, starting at age 8 with the Lakenheath Barracudas. After graduating from home schooling (top of the class) he trained with West Suffolk Swimming Club and Cambridge University Swimming Club throughout high school. He competed at Age Group Nationals in the 200m backstroke from 11 until 14, when he joined the Track and Cross Country at Lakenheath High School.  and at Wake Forest University under coaches Brad Hunt and John Millar.

His triathlon career began at age 10, at the first RAF Lakenheath Triathlon when he rode a tandem bike ride with father Billington. Greg began racing for the US in the ITU Elite Junior Worlds in 2006.

He’s currently on the USA Triathlon National Team and is coached by the one, the only, the USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Paulo Sousa. #ChopWoodCarryWater @pstriathlon