When I’m not training, generally I’m lying around in an exhausted, semi-conscious state, waiting for the precious few moments when I have useful brain function. It is during those instants that I try to perform such mentally demanding tasks as – reserve plane flights, plan races, read marginally edifying books, or speak. It took much trial and error before I realized that speaking should be done rarely and only in times of great intellectual capability. While I might think I am always a funny, charming individual, I’ve realized that the less awake I am, the more likely it is my sense of humor will cross the line from slightly off-putting to either non-sensical or straight up insulting.

Fortunately, however, the Olympic Training Center provides us with awesomeness that doesn’t require much intelligence to appreciate. This past weekend, Prince Harry dropped by, along with Senator Mark Udall and a few other important dudes. After growing up in England, it was very cool to see some royalty in my own backyard.


A terrible photo, but Prince Harry is on stage. Unfortunately he was quite responsible and there were no tabloid-worthy shenanigans.

Also, occasionally we come back to our rooms to find surprises left by the staff. A little while ago, we had Candy Apples left in our rooms. Since everything served at the OTC is undeniably healthy, I had no qualms about eating this apple.


In non OTC news, I will be traveling to Europe for a few weeks this summer for some exciting racing. Last year I spent time in Vitoria as well as a few weeks at a camp in the boondocks of Spain. There was some awesome riding and I’m excited to go back.




Cool house. Apparently if you want to check the time, you just have to lean your head out the window, and hope the sky isn’t too cloudy for the sun dial to work.

So, that’s about it. Tune in next week for more awesome things that happen at the OTC