Aggressive Calm: The Pugnacious Patience of Pre-Season

Pre-season is an interminable purée of training fatigue, a fugue of sameness and difficulty that is only comprehensible when examined as a whole. No one workout is overwhelmingly tiring, the challenge lies in maintaining the patience required to build the indefatigable foundation on which the rest of the season will stand. As my base training [...]

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Ask Grillington Off-Season Training

Off-Season Training The big triathlons essentially shut down from November till March or April, but preparation certainly never ceases. In order to race well, these are the months where triathletes develop the strength to sustain a long season of hard, fast racing. But how is that accomplished? While there may be a wide variety of [...]

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News Articles

Here are the news highlights from my 2015 season:  

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